How to buy Used Car Parts without getting ripped off?

When your average owner of a vehicle thinks “I must find second hand auto parts near me” and contacts a dealership looking for parts with which they plan on using in said car, they are often very upset at the steep monetary value that is attached to those items they wish to purchase. It’s not uncommon for auto spare parts to have price tags the size of Jupiter, and the reason is because most customers don’t take the time to shop around.

I have compiled a list of things that will help the car part customer go about purchasing car parts without being stung for silly amounts of money.



Unscrupulous dealers make all their money out of people who have a limited understanding of what they are in search of. When you have found yourself in their dirty clutches, they attempt to dazzle you with technical buzz words and indecipherable jargon whose main purpose is to render you defenceless against bad decision making. The best way to battle this is by loading up on knowledge, and a great place to do that is on the information super-highway to find used auto parts online. Or ask a professional.


This is something you can do by contacting the relevant dealership and getting the appropriate part numbers for the specific part that you are after. Of course it goes without saying that you won’t be buying the part from them as it will cost an arm and a leg.


Find the part second hand, perhaps at an auto recyclers, and haggle with whoever is selling it so that you can make them sell it to you for an even cheaper price. Don’t feel bad about doing this as it is normal practice, and not doing it will just mean you lose out on paying less. But don’t go overboard, try and meet in the middle.

Ask for documents

Even if it’s just a receipt, this sort of documentation proves that it is of a particular age, and makes sure that the person selling it to you didn’t get it used from a junk yard and is selling it brand new. And you are also making sure that you aren’t getting a part that will end up breaking down in a few weeks after purchase.

Visit a Perth Wreckers at junkyard

The local Car Dismantlers in Perth are also an option. Used parts aren’t all useless, and even though there is a risk of buying a used part that breaks down after one day, you know that these are the risks and you also are paying an appropriate price for parts that are used. And you never know, you may find a second hand part that works amazingly.

In conclusion, while used car parts are a risky deal, don’t let that put you off going out, shopping around and doing your research. All of these actions combined may just result in massive savings for you and your whole family, so keep at it and never forget to use these tips when out and about, looking for used parts. You never know who out there isn’t entirely honest and is only out to rip you off.

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