Donate a car vs. cash for scrap cars

There comes a time when we get stuck with a vehicle that won’t run anymore or is scrap. But most of us get confused about what to do with it. Instead of selling your automobile online or privately to someone else for a little amount of money. You must consider the advantages and disadvantages of donating a car vs. selling your car to wreckers

Advantages of donating a car

When it comes to car donation to charity you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can make your contribution to a community in need or a charitable community.
  • Also, you can often enjoy the benefits of tax deductions – If you want to take advantage of a tax-deducting auto donation. You must select a charitable community that have a legal status or is a religious organization. You must ask the charitable organization to gather such paperwork. When filing your tax deductions make sure to take help of a tax professional.
  • Also, look for different options to use other scrap or old automobiles like boats, motorbikes and various other recreation automobiles.
  • Some charitable organisations also offer the benefit of collecting vehicle for free.

Disadvantages of donating a car

Although it feels wonderful to donate an automobile to charity but there are some associated disadvantages as well. For instance, when donating your car:

  • You won’t get any cash beside tax deductions. Charitable organisations don’t provide any financial incentives in exchange of a vehicle’s donation.
  • You could become a victim of scams associated with car donation. In such scams, fraud companies often take away a good portion of money which was taken in order to assist the charity.

Selling your Junk car for cash

Advantages of selling scrap cars for cash

If you are not sure about donating your automobile, then it’s better to sell your scrap car for cash.

Here are some upsides of choosing this route:

You’ll get instant cash

  • It doesn’t matter whether you select a professional cash for cars or a junk yard. You will get instant cash in your pocket just before removal. You can use this cash as an incentive to buy a newer vehicle which is more fuel-efficient. When selling your junk automobile for cash, you are making your contributions to the environment good.
  • You are usually helping to remove the emission-polluting automobiles off the road. Most of the certified scrap car buyers safely recycle and dispose such kinds of automobiles.
  • You can most possibly have your vehicle removed for free. However, it generally depends on the reliability of service or scrap yard you select.

Disadvantages of selling junk car for cash

As there are upsides to getting cash out of selling your junk or damaged automobiles. There are also downsides to this option.

  • You‘ll not enjoy tax deduction option – When selling your junk auto for cash instead of donating it. You can’t enjoy the option of making tax deductions. In fact, it may increase your income reporting needs. Thus, before you take any decision make sure to talk with your tax professional.
  • You’ll have to pay for transporting your scrap automobile – Sometime you may have to transport your automobile at your own. However, it usually depends on the company or salvage yard you choose. But if the company or junk yard doesn’t offer free collections, then you will have to take the trouble. This means hiring a towing company and paying for your vehicle’s removal.  
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