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Do you love to drive the world’s strongest car called Ford? Well, we love it too. This is the reason why we invite all of our customers to sell an old Ford vehicle to us for the top price and get an upgrade with the latest models.

The team at “Wreckit” love to dismantle Ford trucks. We pay maximum cash for Ford automobiles and offer the free Ford Removal through Perth, WA. We are committed, local and probably the most popular Auto Wrecking business in Perth, WA.


Paying up to $15’000 cash for Ford unwanted vehicles

As a premier second hand car buyer, we always pay maximum cash for Ford cars, trucks, Utes, SUV’s and 4x4s. You can simply walk away if you don’t like our cash offer, however, feel free to share the monetary price figures in your mind and we would love to match that for you.

Please verify your location and find out if you are eligible for the free auto removal.


Buying All Ford make and models

We love to buy all Ford models. Paying fair cash for Ford Falcon, Pulsar, Focus, GT, Starliner, Escort, Futura, Roadster, Pilot, Diesel, Executive, Thunderbird, Galaxie, Telstar, Explorer, Escape and many more. Check out the full list of Ford vehicles.


Used Ford Auto Parts at reasonable prices

Get the enormous range old or used ford truck parts. We keep the Ford Cargo, truck body parts and d series truck parts as well. Feel free to request the Ford Car Parts Catalogue and get the different Ford parts and accessories with limited warranty. You can also order the Ford Spare parts online as well.

Contact Ford Wreckers Perth Team Now

Planning to hire Ford Wreckers in Maddington, WA or anywhere else in the Perth? Get in touch with the Auto Dismantlers Perth crew members by calling on 0426 534 524, 0426 066 224 or fill up one of quotation form on the website and one of our technical team members will help you in the first place. Please keep the vehicle’s VIN number handy for the quick response.

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