Important to do Before Scrapping Your Car

Perhaps you have a vehicle that is in such bad condition that you can’t drive it any longer. Maybe it is in such a bad state that it is officially totalled, due to the cost of fixing it being more than how much it is worth. What are you going to do with it? You may not know.

The best thing that you can do in this situation is to sell it to your local Scrap Car Wreckers who can pay you best cash for your car and free car removal service. They will sort out how much to pay for your vehicle by looking at how they can recycle it. Parts that are re-usable can be sold second hand, and parts that aren’t can be sold as scrap metal. And they will pay you this money, before taking the vehicle off your property and back to their salvage yard. Both parties benefit!

Don’t go thinking that there is nothing for you to do, however. Make these preparations before selling your scrap car to an auto wrecking company.

Gather up Relevant Paperwork

If you have the ownership papers relating to your vehicle and your ownership of it, get them. This will prove that the vehicle is yours, and you aren’t selling a stolen car. It is also important that you have your identification on hand as well, to prove that you didn’t merely steal the ownership papers as well. All of this is going to ensure that you get to sell your scrap car via the smoothest of processes. Well done!

Make Sure the Interior is Empty

Perhaps your car is full of rubbish. You may think that it is okay to simply leave it in this state. But when the auto wreckers come over to give your car a final inspection and make a final offer, they will see that and offer you less money. Because they will be spending time cleaning stuff that you could have cleaned. You will be shooting yourself in the foot by being lazy. Clean the car’s interior of any and all rubbish.

It is also a good idea to ensure that there are no valuable belongings left in there. This includes jewellery and so forth. It may be small and easy to miss. There could even be money hidden down the back of a seat or two. Give it a good check.

Remove Personalised Licence Plates

Perhaps you don’t have a personalised licence plate. This isn’t for you. If you do, remove it. It is your own personal licence plate. You don’t want to throw that away, considering how much money you spent on it. So be sure to save that expensive item.

If you have any expensive things added to your car, such as expensive mags, or a fancy stereo system, don’t leave them in there either. If you do, you will be throwing money away. Save them so you can use them in the next vehicle that you spend your well earned money on. That way, you will be the true winner.