How to Dispose of a Has-Been Vehicle in the Australia

Most, if not all, vehicles that get manufactured, will eventually make the transition from “sweet ride” to “clunker.” That is, of course, the colloquial term for a vehicle that is in such bad condition that it can no longer be driven. And will cost more to fix than it is worth as an automobile.

When this happens, many folk choose to leave the car on their property. It is not entirely clear why they do this. But the result is a loss of money as the neglected vehicle gets rustier, and the paint job gets more weather damaged. There is also the problem of being a visual eyesore, waste of space, and pollutant. Vehicle recycling is vital and it has to be done properly.

If you have a junk car, you need to dispose of it. Here is how.

Sell to your Local Auto Wrecking Company

This is the option for cars that are so far gone that selling privately would be impossible. True junk cars. It goes without saying, but let’s say it anyway: Scrap vehicles are useless. But this doesn’t mean that they are worthless. That car that can’t be driven is still got value. The parts on it will still be able to get money squeezed out of them. And your local auto wrecking company are professional used parts salespeople. They have all the expertise needed in order to take your vehicle apart and get the value out of them.

The first step towards selling your car to an auto wrecking company is to call them up, or fill out the form on their website. Tell them the details pertaining to how old the car is as well as what condition it is in. They will also need to know the make and model. You will get a free quote, and then they will come over and take the car after paying you top cash.

Find your local Wrecking Company below:

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Part the Car out Yourself

This is not so easy to do. That is because you are basically taking on the role of auto wrecker yourself. There is a reason for why auto wrecking companies exist. Doing it yourself requires expertise, space for the operation and storage of parts and scrap metal, and the tools. There are many tools that you will need. This includes a hoist for the heavier parts, such as the engine.

If you are a normal everyday person, you will probably have none of those things. Which is why most people can’t dispose of their vehicle that way.

Give the Car to Charity

Seeing as we have already established that your vehicle is still worth money, you can always donate it to charity. Of course, then they will do what you could have done in the first place, and sell it to an auto wrecking company. You may as well sell it to the auto wreckers yourself and donate the money you get from it to the same charity.

Good luck selling your junk car for the best cash!

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