How much are junk cars worth?

A huge numerical percentage of the population has this idea that vehicles that have reached the end of their lives are completely worthless.

But then they learn the truth, that Car Wreckers are in the business of purchasing these very cars, and they are enlightened. And while it is true that the monetary value of a scrap vehicle is normally in the range of a few hundred dollars, depending on the car the value can increase. There are a few variables that can make the amount of cash you get from a dead vehicle increase. Here they are in list form.


How popular the car is?

If a lot of people are keen enthusiasts of a particular automobile model and make, then demand for the parts that are unique to that car will be higher, thus driving the price for second hand parts for that vehicle up. So it makes sense that if you have a vehicle who’s used car parts in Perth are in high demand, you will get more money for it. So if your junk vehicle is of a popular brand, you might get a fairly decent remuneration for it.


The amount of auto parts that can be reused

If the number is high then you will get more money, as these cash for scrap cars companies are in the business of mining cars for valuable items and scrap metal, which they then sell. They will definitely want a wheel that, despite having reached the end of its life, still has parts that can be refurbished and used again in another automobile. The only way that there would be no re-usable parts whatsoever or if the auto has been completely destroyed in a terrible fiery accident. But then you wouldn’t alive, let alone trying to sell your car.

Whether or not they have your car model or make in their inventory

If the scrap auto company you are selling to have none of the type of vehicle you have in their stock, then they will want your machine more. This makes a lot of sense as having someone looking for a certain part, but not being able to find the right one because of a lack of parts for that particular model is a customer who won’t be buying anything. Making that less likely to happen is a very desirable outcome for any business owner.


The business model that the particular company employs

Junkyards with more customers coming in and buying their stock on a more regular basis are going to pay more money for cars than junkyards that don’t get a lot of business. Junkyards that don’t do a lot of business might have a worse business model. So it is a better bet to sell to the former.

In conclusion, if you are looking to rid your life of that vehicle that has totally reached the absolute end of the road, don’t hesitate to call your local scrap yard that specialises in old car removals and get cash for your car.


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