How to sell your unused car in Perth?

Recently most of the vehicles have faced the dramatic development with improved technologies and features like comfort, safety and convenience.  As a result, nowadays people don’t stick to their old or unused vehicles for longer years. Instead, they keep on upgrading them with more dependable, comfortable and safer rides. 

Are you also planning to upgrade your old machine with latest one? Then you might be also looking for avenues through which you can sell your old vehicle easily in Perth.


Here, take a look at your available options to sell a car in Perth-

  1. Sell your vehicle individually

If you sell your automobile yourself rather than trading it in, you may possibly get more money for it. However, you will have to invest your time and efforts along with bearing the cost of promoting its sale.

To find its market value, you can go through online advertisements and check the prices asked by sellers for similar or same makes and models as yours. You may also explore local newspaper classifieds or used car magazines.

Once you have fixed a negotiable price for your vehicle, choose a reputable website to list it for sale. Choose print classifieds to promote its sale over a large group of buyers. Additionally, if you are selling a registered vehicle, make sure to provide a valid certificate of roadworthiness to the buyer.

  1. Trading it in

As opposed to the above avenue trading a vehicle is not much profitable and easier. You can quickly get rid of your car and without any hassles through this option.

Though it is a convenient way to get off your old car yet it has few cons. The most important one is that it won’t fetch you most worth of your automobile.

Therefore, when dealing with the dealership, make sure to get an accurately estimated value that you will get for replacing your old wheels with new one.

  1. Auction Houses

Auction websites are also a good option when it comes to selling old cars quickly. Providing you will have to pay them their commission from the money you will get in exchange of your wheels.

  1. Selling it to Auto Wreckers

If you have got an automobile that is in an extremely bad condition that it couldn’t be sold through any of the above alternatives. It will be wise to contact your local Car Wreckers in Perth. Luckily, you may even get a service that could tow away your vehicle for free.

  1. Road-worthiness Certificate

Generally, this is a certificate issued by a licensed auto tester after conducting the auto safety check. This is usually valid for 30 days from the date of issue and certifies that the vehicle is safe to drive on roads.

You must provide the certificate of roadworthiness to the buyer if you are selling a registered automobile.

  1. Transfer of Ownership

After you and the buyer have agreed to a price and ready to settle a deal, both of you should sign the transfer of title form. The buyer will be then required to send the registration form and the roadworthy certificate to waroads within 14 days of sale.

In case if you have any doubts, you may notify yourself in writing to the waroads about the transfer of title. But don’t forget to attach a copy of transfer form with it.

In order to make the selling process easier and hassle free for you, we have outlined some best helpful tips you must follow.

  • Make sure to get your payment before your vehicle is sold, when selling it via licensed motor car trader (LMCT).
  • Once you have received the full payment, don’t forget to sign the transfer of ownership papers.
  • If the dealership hired by you to sell your car is neither returning your automobile nor paying money. Check out how to sell your car without making mistakes.

Stay alert from dealerships that try to sell your automobile without paying you for it beforehand.

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