Selling old Ford truck in Perth, WA – what are my options?

According to the latest statistics, I would say Aussies love to drive Ford after Americans for sure. This is possibly the most frequent question asked by so many Perth customers so I thought, I should reply this question in my regular blog. Myself Shaun again, a senior automotive entrepreneur at Wreckit.

Identify the condition & age

Before selling your Ford truck, please make sure you find out the current condition and age of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not too old and good with the condition then I would highly recommend to get the quote from a local used car buyer who can give you the best price same as private sales. On my recommendation, Hazara is the best name when we are talking about selling a used truck for the best price.


Not running from long time – un-registered?

If you found your vehicle dead, not registered or driving from the long-time, then there is nothing better than finding the best Ford Wreckers in your region.

You can always try to get the cash offer from Wreckit crew – no obligation. Also, it covers the whole Western Australia when you are talking about the free auto removal of the vehicle from your location anywhere in Perth, WA.


In either case, since all the cash offers are free to get. So, you can get the couple of decent offers and compare them on the shelf. You can always go for the best cash for cars offer, including free auto removal service. Another plus point is that – you do not need to worry about any legal paperwork hassles, they will do that for you.

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