How to dismantle a car?

stripping car

Market of recycled and used auto spare parts is growing rapidly. People look for renovating or used car parts as it save them a lot of money. It also serves both their purpose and satisfaction. This gives rise to the demand of reconditioned parts.

Selling used and recycled auto parts can help you make some money from your unwanted old wheels. All you need to do is sort out the spare parts which can be reused and as for the remaining parts i.e. Metallic body of automobiles, you can sell it to salvage yards. Auto Dismantling is best ever method to make top cash for cars and its hassle free.


To make auto dismantling process easy for you, follow the below listed easy-to-understand steps.

Detach all the ducts and wires

Before starting the auto dismantling process, remove the bonnet and detach the battery from the vehicle. Now make sure to disconnect each and every pipe and wire from the engine with the help of a sharp cutting tool. Drain out the diesel fuel, coolant, hydraulic fluids and transmission fluids from the engine. You can store these oils in sealed containers to use later on.

Remove the Engine

Now, connect the engine to the engine jack in order to get it out of the vehicle. Ensure to completely unbolt the mounts. Now lift the engine up and take it out of the vehicle. If the engine is running properly, you can sell it individually, and if not then sell it into parts after dismantling.


Get the Car Body Parts Separated

Auto parts like radiator, alternator and starter can be sold to salvage yards if not working properly or online to the people in need. You can fetch more money from the second option.

Take off the Tyres

You can have the tyres removed and sell them in auto shop, who can reuse them or sell them as used tyres. Once you have removed the tyres lift the car off the ground using jack and remove all the remaining parts like brake pads, shoes, drums and lines. All these parts can also be sold to scrap yards who can recondition them easily.

Dismantle the car body into pieces

Before starting this task, you need to check the DIY equipment for car dismantling. Dismantling the vehicle’s body require serious manual labor along with equipments like screwdrivers, hammers and crowbars. Have all the doors, fenders, and roofs removed with the help of the above mentioned tools. You can sell these parts to the junk yard if they are in good condition.

Interior Accessories Stripping

Lastly, remove the automobile interior. Take out the seats, carpets, floorboards and dashboards. After doing this you can sell the structure of the vehicle to the car body removals. But, the only disadvantage of selling salvaged vehicle to scrap yards is that they will make more money out of it and pay you less.

We hope these steps were helpful to you in successfully disassembling your automobile. But even after this you were not able to do it, then take your vehicle to Car Dismantlers like Qldwreckers who are actually also certified to do this task.