How to get cash for your car in Perth?

If you are currently residing in Perth, and you have an old vehicle that is well past its end of life littering your garage or back yard, you might be getting sick of seeing it every day, and want to get rid of it. Never fear!

There are ways to sell a car in Perth, even though you’d think that nobody in their right mind would want to buy it. And let’s face it, the joy of selling something you no longer need and making some cash is matched by nothing else on God’s green earth.


Place an ad on the internet

Here’s a great idea on how to remove the burden that is your scrap automobile from your life: place an ad on an auto trade website. Hundreds of thousands of people use these sites so your audience will be gigantic. Plus, placing these ads is so straight forward and simple that a new born baby could do it (with extensive help from an adult). Spend a few more minutes, making the advert, ad photos and details, then post it up. Usually it costs you nothing, and if you include an email rather than a phone number you can get away with not having your phone constantly squealing.

Auto Recycling Yard

Try this great way to get cash for cars: Car Wreckers Perth. They are in the business of buying old end of life automobiles, dismantling them and selling all the auto spare parts, either as second hand parts or as scrap, like scrap metal that can be melted down and reused.

There are perks that come along with this method, aside from making money. One of them is that depending on who the company that you’re dealing with, they may very well come to your property and remove the car free of charge. This means no hard work on your part to make the great cash for scrap cars in Perth.


Curb side Car sale

Sell the car by parking it outside on the curb, preferable outside your house for your own convenience and because other people won’t appreciate you parking your vehicle outside their house. You’ve probably seen an automobile on the side of the road with a for sale sign on it. Make a for sale sign with your number and the price and wait for the calls to come in. You can possibly can make a good Cash for Holden, Toyota or Mazda kind of brands.

If the car isn’t in running condition you really need to make that explicitly clear, or else you might be physically accosted by violent customers who feel like you are trying to rip them off.

under finance car in perth flyer

Give the broken car to charity

The charity can then sell the car to a scrap yard and take the money for themselves. This is a great option if you are a caring, giving individual with no problems paying the bills and feeding the family with some disposable income left over. If, however, you yourself are in need of charity, it’s best to do the selling yourself and keeping the cash. Good luck!


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