How to sell my unwanted car to Wreckit?

Selling a car in Perth is getting really frustrating and time consuming since people only want to buy new condition of vehicles. Nobody shows you the interest in buying old, junk, scrap or unwanted vehicles generally.

However, Wreckit is the one off place where you can sell your old car for the best price hassle-free. The complete process is easy and straightforward:


Give us a call or make an online inquiry

Simply give us a free call at 08 9452 7906 or fill up one of online inquiry form and you can get the free cash offer – no obligation. Please explain about the vehicle’s condition, age and VIN number if possible.

Make your decision on our cash offer

You can take your time to make the decision. Compare with anyone in the Perth. If you have some monetary figures in your mind then feel free to discuss. Please confirm us if you are happy to proceed.

Book the Free Car Pickup or Removal

As soon as, you are happy with our cash offer, we will book the free auto removal from your premises. We cover the whole Perth and an immediate suburbs. In case of same day auto removal, please confirm your location. If you are living in rural regions, then it can take another day to get it done.

On the top of this simple process, we take care of all the paper work done on your behalf. You can simply wait and get ready to count the cash for a car on the spot.

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